Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Virtual Reality is creating a buzz in the real estate world. At Landsworthy Advisory, we provide 3D visuals and realistic VR mobile app to the clients in terms of a business perspective. Our focus is to provide engaging VR solutions in real estate for startups and enterprises. Businesses in real estate can use VR to showcase users or the client the realistic quality 3D model before the construction starts. VR is a game-changer, driving huge client’s potential via a 3D walk-through or virtual tours in the Virtual environment. We believe in changing the pattern of the visualization while introducing new heights in user experience. Our VR developers in real estate are helping businesses in creating and exploring virtual 3D models world with VR headsets.

How to Use Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Benefits of VR in Real Estate Industry

VR technology in real estate is committed to creating an intuitive experience in order to make virtual tours real for the potential buyer. This technology helps in creating a virtual world for the user with VR renders significantly increasing user engagement. Utilizing VR technology, architect and interior designer firms can offer clients VR experience that wasn’t even imaginable ever before.

1. Saves Time​

Using VR means saving valuable time. With Virtual tours, buyers can view properties abroad or in remote locations. VR act as a pioneer in saving time and acquiring new clients or retaining loyal customers.

2. Transform Imagination into Reality

VR is transforming ideas into the reality of potential-buyers by providing virtual elements. VR showcases the realistic 3D model to the clients in terms of a business perspective.

3. Saves Money

With VR you are not only providing high-quality images to the users but also negotiating in terms of prices. VR offers the power to showcase property in 360-degree videos that helps the long-distance buyers to save money.

4. 24/7 Availability

VR in real estate means viewing the list of properties around the clock. The users can visit properties at any time of the night or day with the help of VR headsets. Using 3D virtual tour equipment business can engage the user more efficiently.

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